President's Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote speaks to the mission of the Bedford Women’s Club, a social organization with a mission to fundraise for local charitable organizations and HS scholarship applicants. This past year, our club elected to support organizations that help people who are facing current food insecurity and high school graduates who are following their dreams of higher education.

Thanks to the inspiration and leadership of members who undertook the dream of a new initiative, BWC held its first Festival of Trees event in 2022, a rousing success hailed by public acclaim. Look forward to this event in 2023 which is expected to be just as grand.

With grateful appreciation for another initiative, our life members were honored with an invitation to a private luncheon.

A second dream by one of our members was to engage our members in friendship. Local members were invited to gather and enjoy a midday social tea. These teas were the inspiration of a member who chose to dream big and they were coordinated by a team of members whose collaborative efforts and labor of love was an expression of comradery for all of us BWC friends.

These BWC events are our future. Keep dreaming big. We’ll continue to help each other and we will continue to work together to make our dreams for Bedford Women’s Club come true.


Linda Abels