Nominating Committee
Gen Miller
Bennie Hanauer
Bobbi Beaudet
Mary Barry

Board of Directors

Gen Miller

BeverlyJo Snyder
Julie Schappals

Bobbie Beaudet

Gabi Maters

Parliamentarian - Bobbe Fairman

BWC Officers 2024-2025
President - Linda Abels
Co-1st Vice-Presidents - Beth Battison and Becki Kuhns
Co-2nd Vice-Presidents - Betsy Stull and Bobbie Gibbons
Recording Secretaries - Kathy Provencher and Sue Paris   
Corresponding Secretary - Stacy DeMello
Treasurer - Sarah Whitney
Auditor - Sandy Mackey


Standing Committee Chairs 2024 - 2025

Calling Committee - Ellen Barber
Highlights - Gabi Maters

Greeters - Toni Rohe

Holly Luncheon - Betsy Stull and Bobbie Gibbons

Interest Groups - Lynn Evans and Ellie Hanlon
Luncheon Coordinators - Elsie Snyder and Linda Martin

Member Support & Services - Muriel McMillan

Transportation - Suzanne Hartshorn

Website - Nicki Durand
Yearbook - Kara LaMarche


Special Committee Chairs  2024 - 2025

Charitable Donations - Sandy Mackey, Denise Rotier,
Julie Schappals, Patty Martin, Marilyn Quail

Scholarship - Gabi Maters, Kathleen Reidy
Finance -  Gen Miller, Sandy Mackey, MJ Howe
Program - Becki Kuhns and Beth Battison

Ways and Means - Betsy Stull and Bobbie Gibbons

Membership - Heather Stewart

Public Relations - Irene Labombarde